Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bear Mountain

Well, we did it. We hiked the highest peak in CT, a whopping 2,323 feet (not to be confused with the highest point in CT which is on the way up to a peak that resides in MA). It was a bleak and dreary day, and sadly, we didn't really get to revel in the supposedly amazing views. But I have to say that this time around, the views took second fiddle to the company.

(Given the absolutely flat and boring light, I decided these pictures were perfectly suited to be black and white.)

Yes, that little dog hiked the whole way.

Snacking at the top.

Wow, check out that view!

Despite the lackluster views, I do have to admit the trail was pretty darn fun. A) We hiked on part of the Appalachian Trail. It's just one of those things I like to be able to say I did. B) We had to do some scrambling to get to the top. Oh how I miss scrambling! C) Abby and James were amazing. The hike was 6 miles long*, and not easy. Abby hiked at least half of it, and managed to maintain a positive attitude most of the time. James napped some and the rest of the time he hummed a little tune of encouragement to Alex. At one point, during the scramble when it was pouring rain, Abby said to me in a triumphant voice: "I'm going to be like James and just deal. It's no problem." I love her.

James--just dealing.

If you come visit us, maybe we'll go back. Maybe we'll actually see the view.

*So, we may have hiked a tad more than 6 miles, due to some unfortunate backtracking that may or may not have been my fault.

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