Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Potter Zoo

I told myself I couldn't post new things until I had finished posting back-logged things. But if I do that, it could be months before you see any pictures. So I'm breaking my rule and posting recent happenings and maybe I'll go back to other things later. Maybe.

Last weekend we took a little trip up to Lansing to visit friends, who conveniently live a half mile from a zoo that is free during the "winter" months. (I feel compelled to put quotation marks around winter, since the temperature has been averaging in the high 70's for a week now).

Here are some of my favorite photos, very few of which actually include zoo animals. I think you'll agree that the alternative subject matter is equally endearing though.

Aaaaaack! Cute overload!

These two are up to no good for sure!

Baby Alex was more interested in stairs than the zoo animals...

"It's a lagomorph? Are you sure Daddy?"

I know this is Benji because he has drool on his chin.

Daddy's are the best.

Mommy's are ok too.

Hanging out.

Riding giraffes.

Group hug.

Playing tag.

A couple of actual animals. In the second one, the Peacock was rattling his tail feathers at the giant rabbits (I don't remember their actual names--I'm a theoretical ecologist after all.)

Just for fun edited photos.