Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sleeping Giant State Park

We live about 10 minutes away from Sleeping Giant State Park. It's a two mile stretch of hill that resembles (supposedly) a sleeping giant. It is riddled with trails, the main of which is wide and gravelly enough for the chariot. We visited there a few weekends ago and hiked the mile and a half up to a stone observation tower. I was so incredibly proud of Abby for hiking the whole way up without complaint! She started to complain on the way down, but thanks to some long, drawn out renditions of the three billy goats and Jack and the beanstalk (which I couldn't remember the ending of), she made it all the way down too. I can't say it's a nice way to get some solitude, since there were tons of other people on the trail, but it is a nice way to get some fresh air.

The trail.

Abby taking pictures of the trail markers.....again.

Abby and Alex atop the viewing tower.

The View.

The Crew.

East Haven Splash Pad

Alex has been trying to find the best parks to hang out at during the day when he's home with the kids. He's found some very nice ones, and had heard rumors about another one on the beach in East Haven. So yesterday we headed down there to check it out. It was a smash hit with Abby. Not only could she play on the splash pad, but she could also play on the beach playground and in the ocean!


After living in Connecticut for a short month, we took a week and headed to Portland Oregon (I learned you have to specify, because everyone out here assumes you mean Portland Maine). The ostensible purpose of the trip was the annual Ecological Society of America meeting, where I was slated to present some of my dissertation research. The underlying purpose was to see friends and drink good beer. While I attended talks, Alex and the kids walked around town, visiting various parks, stores, and food carts (like the grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwich cart, which, among many others, featured The Hot Hood: peanut butter, black cherry jam, jalapenos, and apple wood smoked bacon). On the last day of the meeting I skipped out early and we went to the Portland Zoo for the afternoon. All in all, the trip was wonderful. I didn't take very many pictures, because I often had a baby in my arms, but here are a few!

Dave and John discussing the sale of strawberries.

Jess wrangles James for me.

Abby and James in Powell's Book Store.

James, pool-side at the hotel.

James skeptically considers the animals at the zoo.

The river otters get fed.

Petting the goats.

The sea lion.


By far, our favorite hang-out: Deschutes.