Friday, May 31, 2013

Did you hear?

Beth got married!! Congratulations to the MacMettlers. I can't wait for them to start a blog together.

(Yes, it was more than a month ago. What of it?)

Let me start by saying, not in an obligatory sister-in-law sort of way but sincerely, that it was a beautiful ceremony, the reception was ridiculously fun, the bride was fantastically gorgeous, and the groom was a handsome devil. I'll let you be the judge of the last two, but you'll just have to trust me on the first two counts.

This is just a cute picture. Not really wedding related.

Moving on. Here we have the bridal party getting mani-pedis. (If you're salon illiterate, like I used to be, that's short for manicure and pedicure. Be warned. Pedicures tickle.)

Abby and James, ready for the rehearsal. (Incidentally, Abby wanted to wear that dress to the park the other day. I said no.) 

At the rehearsal.

The rehearsal dinner, at the Mettler house.

Getting our hair done.

"How shall we do Meghan's hair?"

Don't you think mine's the best?

The bride got her hair done at the hotel by a REAL expert.

Uh oh. Dan can't find his belt!

The flower girl gets her shoes buckled.

The Dress is Readied.

Tie 'er up!

Ready to go!

Isn't it every girl's dream to be the focus of attention of a group of handsome well-dressed men? Or maybe they're looking at Alex...

Beautiful ladies all.

Now, take a moment to imagine a wedding ceremony.


Nice, wasn't it? I was in it, so I didn't get any photos. James was in it too, since that's the only way we could keep him from screaming. He was eating graham crackers and crumbling them down the front of my dress. Did I mention they were in a plastic bag? The kind that crinkles REALLY loudly when touched? Yep. But no one noticed. They were too focused on the main show.

 Alright, enough of the bride. I did get ONE shot of the groom.


A few family shots.

"The kids are in bed! I look ridiculous! Let's party!"

Surprise karaoke to end the evening. What a great wedding.