Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Movie Overload

I haven't posted movies lately. So here are a few all at once. These demonstrate some new things Abby has learned to do in the last few days.

1) She can undress herself. Now I know why they don't really make loose-fitting baby clothes. The other day Alex looked up from his grading to find Ms. Abigail half naked and no explanation. He put her shirt back on and readied the camera to catch this on film.


2) She can take a magnet off the fridge AND put it back on. It's that second part that has given her trouble in the past.


3) She can climb in and out of boxes. Thanks to grandma, Abby is obsessed with boxes. Previously, she has required assistance boarding and disembarking from said box. Not any more! I was in the living room watching TV when I heard some mysterious noises emanating from the kitchen. I sneaked in to find Abby doing this. It's long, but trust me, it's totally worth watching. (Incidentally, I just discovered snuck is not a word!)


Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Futon

We have discovered that one of Abby's favorite props around the house is the futon. Whether it is folded up or open, she just can't wait to get up on it. She might take a short break to run in the kitchen after a kitty now and then, but she inevitably returns, begging to be boosted up onto her throne. When it is folded up, her favorite activity is reaching from either end to the bookshelf or the end table, grasping at things that are out of reach when she is relegated to the floor. When it is open, in bed form, she enjoys trying to walk on the springy mattress, looking out the windows, and just plain lounging. Today she and I spent a large chunk of the day lounging about on the futon together. Alex snapped a few photos. This is my favorite.

This is my second favorite.

Bird Hills

After a long hiatus from our historically regular visits, we finally took the dogs and kiddo for a walk in Bird Hills this afternoon. Abby was wearing her full snow kit and for the first time was able to walk around in it without falling...

...except when the dogs came rushing past.

She also got her first taste of snow. Although eager for her first bite, she was (to my surprise) less than impressed. Unfortunately, I was too busy laughing to get the reaction on film.

Just a darn cute picture.

And finally, the sign of a good walk--a zonked out baby. Don't worry, contrary to all appearances, her neck is NOT broken.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Photographic Ode To Rowan

Today I practiced manually focusing my camera on moving targets (aka Rowan). These are the best of the bunch. Some aren't quite in focus but were so adorable I posted them anyway. And don't ask: I'm not disclosing how many pictures I took in order to get this many in focus.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Boxes are Fun

If you're looking for a birthday present for a cat, baby, or a grandma, you might consider a box. On second thought, it's probably only appropriate for all three together. I imagine for any one of them alone (especially the grandma) it probably wouldn't be that cool. I submit the following evidence.

1) It's fun for the kitty to get pushed around in and it's fun for grandmas and babies to push the kitty around in it.

2) The box contains the kitty nicely so that the baby can more easily torment it.

3) Finally, when the kitty gets sick of being tormented, the baby likes to be pushed around in the box. (It's blurry because they were going so fast).

Birthday Presents

Abby received a couple of early birthday presents. Dad bought her some Legos for babies. I'm still not sure who has more fun playing with them--Abby or dad.

And grandma bought Abby a rocking, bouncing horse. That's a big hit. This girl was made to be a cowgirl.


Some new pictures of Abby for you to ogle : )