Thursday, April 17, 2008

Twins v. Tigers

Last Monday we went to a baseball game in Detroit at Comerica Park.

We took Jason (Alex's favorite co-worker) and Leah along with us. Jason is a dyed in the wool Tigers fan and Leah just likes baseball. She used to work at the Mariner's games as a food vendor. It was fun to root for the Twins among 30,000 Tigers fans. I like being different.

Prior to meeting Alex, I really had no interest in baseball. Do they even play baseball in Utah? Anyway, it has taken some time, and I'm still nowhere near as interested as Alex, but I definitely have come to enjoy attending games. Especially since it's an outdoor affair. Basketball, the only other professional sporting event I've ever attended, is really exciting but you don't get to breathe fresh air or watch the sun go down. Monday was a beautiful evening. Clear skies and a chilly breeze. With three jackets on plus one to cover my legs and insulated boots I was quite happy.

The Twins lost, much to our dismay, 10 to 9 (or something like that). But what an exciting game. The Tigers had been on a losing streak (I don't think they had won a single game yet), so the crowd was going crazy when they pulled ahead in the eighth inning. By the way, the Twins are in gray in the pictures, the Tigers in white. Also, Joe Mauer is the Twins catcher shown below--he's one of my favorites. I'm not alone in that sentiment. Joe is a homegrown Minnesotan and is pretty much every Twins fan's favorite (see here). It helps that he's 6'5" and cute.

So if you've never been to a baseball game, I highly recommend it, especially if the Twins are playing!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yesterday I handed my dissertation proposal in to my committee. We're meeting next week to discuss it. Thank god I'm done with it. What will I do with myself now that I don't have that hanging over my head? Oh! I know. Maybe I'll actually start doing some research...

I thought, just for fun, I would post my proposal for people interested to know what my research is about. Plus, I think this program for embedding PDF's is kind of neat! And please don't feel obliged to read it : )

Read this doc on Scribd: Messinger Dissertation Proposal